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Our Warranty

Guaranteed Clean or it's Free!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

FloorX ProFloorCare uses the finest products, best equipment and professionally trained and certified staff to clean and treat your floors and fine furnishings according to manufacturer recommendations. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, simply call us within 10 days of our initial treatment, and we will return and re-treat any areas you specify at no additional charge. In the event this fails to resolve the problem, we will cheerfully refund your money on whatever portion of the job you are dissatisfied with—up to 100% of the invoice amount.

This warranty specifically excludes pet stains, stains caused by dyes, ink, paint, bleach spots and color loss. Pre-existing conditions such as worn traffic lanes due to texture loss, wear, shading, and pooling or pile reversal. These conditions are not correctable by cleaning and are therefore expressly excluded from this warranty.



FloorX Professional Floor Care

Our cleaning method is recommended by ALL carpet manufacturers.
IICRC Certified Firm and Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval Service Provider.