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Before We Arive Service Tips

Please note the following items as they will make your floor care appointment much more efficient.

1. Please remove all breakable items from the areas to be cleaned and store them in a safe place (lamps, figurines, collectibles, candles, pictures, etc.).

2. Please remove any items from the floor (baskets, toys, clothing items, waste baskets, brief cases, etc.).

3. Extremely large or heavy items will remain in place (loaded book cases, entertainment units, china hutches, pianos).  We will carefully clean up to the outside edges of these items.

4. Medium-sized furniture will be moved by our Floor Care Technicians (tables, coffee tables, end tables, wing chairs, recliners, sofas).  We will return them close to their original location and place them on Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs.

5. Computer and electronic items will not be moved by our Floor Care Technicians. We will carefully clean as close to these items as possible.

6. Please identify any problem areas such as spots and spills and point them out to our Floor Care Technicians.

7. Please know that we will treat your home, flooring and furnishings with the utmost care and respect.

After We Leave Service Tips

1. Please be careful to avoid slipping and falling. Damp carpet can be slippery. Please use caution when using stairs. It can be extremely hazardous walking from the freshly cleaned carpet to any hard surface such as hardwood, vinyl or tile. Please keep all children and pets off damp carpet until it completely dries.

2. Moving air dries carpet more quickly. It is usually a good idea to have ceiling fans running.  In the winter or on cold days, please turn on the furnace and put its fan in the “on” position.  On hot, humid days, please consider using the air conditioning.

3. Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector. For maximum results, the soil protection should be allowed to dry before heavy traffic is allowed on the carpet. Scotchgard™ is applied in a liquid state and may cause your carpets to dry in a longer time frame.

4. If your furniturehas been placed on Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs, please leave them in place for 24 hours.  Although your carpet may feel dry to the touch after only an hour, leaving them in place for 24 hours will prevent wood stain transfers and rust stains.

5. Vacuum regularly.This is the single most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your carpet.  Up to 78% of the soils found in carpet are of the dry, gritty variety and can be easily and effectively removed with vacuuming.  A regular maintenance schedule including vacuuming, spot cleaning and periodic professional deep cleaning can extend the life of your carpet and keep it fresh and beautiful.

6. Always take care of the spots and spills as soon as they occur.  If you do, you can prevent most permanent stains due to spots and spills.

7. Tell your friends about us.  Referrals from our happy and satisfied customers comprise much of our business.  Please be sure to mention FloorX ProFloorCare whenever the subject of floor care comes up and take advantage of our Referral Rewards Program.


FloorX Professional Floor Care

Our cleaning method is recommended by ALL carpet manufacturers.
IICRC Certified Firm and Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval Service Provider.