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Which method of carpet cleaning is best?

Although no one method is best for every situation, hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning) is recommended by virtually all carpet manufacturers in most residential situations.

How often should I have my furniture cleaned?

There are no guidelines on the recommended cleaning frequency for upholstery. Typically, we recommend that upholstery be cleaned in conjunction with every other carpet cleaning, or when the upholstered item begins to show soiling.

Do you use truck-mounted equipment?

No - we now use high-tech quality portable units, which have surpassed outdated truck mounted units. They are more environmentally friendly and they clean as well as or better than even the most expensive truck-mounts.

Where does all the dirt go?

The dirt goes into a recovery tank located on the unit, to be disposed of in accordance with all local laws.

Should I vacuum before the carpet cleaner arrives?

N0—leave it to us. We recognize that vacuuming is an integral part of carpet cleaning, and while many carpet cleaners do not provide this service, we do so in accordance with our IICRC Certified Firm status.

Do you move furniture?

We move most furniture (sofas, chairs, tables, etc.). We cannot move musical instruments, grandfather clocks, beds and dressers, full china hutches, full bookshelves, entertainment centers, pool tables, computers and other electronics. We reserve the right not to move any piece of furniture or household object according to our technicians’ discretion.

Should I move anything?

Yes, you should remove knick-knacks and breakable items from the areas being cleaned. You must also remove all contents from bookshelves, china hutches, etc., that you would like us to move.

How long will it take for my carpet or furniture to dry?

Our dry times typically range from 2 – 4 hours, often less than 2 hours. Dry times can be affected by many factors, including weather, humidity, and airflow.

How long before I can walk on my carpet after you clean it?

You can walk on your carpet immediately, but we recommend that you limit traffic until it is completely dry.

Are your technicians experienced?

Yes. Our technicians have substantial classroom and real world cleaning experience. All of our floor technicians are IICRC certified.

Does cleaning your carpet make it wear out faster?

No, actually dirt acts as an abrasive when trapped in your carpet or fabrics and should be removed to reduce wear. Properly cleaned and maintained floors will always outperform those that are not.

Should I have Scotchgard applied after cleaning?\

Yes, we recommend that you reapply Scotchgard protector after professional cleaning to restore the original stain resistance. Some manufacturers even require it as part of the warranty on the carpet.

FloorX does excellent work. Do you provide other home maintenance solutions?

We specialize in flooring and fine furnishings cleaning. We are proud to be known for our high standards and excellent work and would be happy to recommend local businesses that maintain similar standards in their areas of expertise. Just give us a call.

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Our cleaning method is recommended by ALL carpet manufacturers.
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